Welcome to the website about Warsaw architecture before World War II.
Our intention is to present photos of Warsaw buildings located in the area limited by the streets: Okopowa, Towarowa, Koszykowa, Polna and the Vistula River - meaning more or less the left bank of the city, in its limits before 1916.

Sometimes I receive e-mails with questions about an English version of this website. Unfortunately there is no English version at this moment and I cannot promise there will be in the nearest future.

However, I speak and write English and some French, so if you would like to contact me, please don't hesitate to write me an e-mail.

Short dictionary:

In the menu at the bottom of the screen you can find:

[muzeum] = virtual museum of prewar Warsaw
[biblioteka] = virtual library
[detal] = pictures of interesting details of buildings
[szukaj] = search
[fotoplan '35] = aerial photo plan of the city made in 1935
[Ref. Gabarytów] = collection of more than 3400 pictures of Warsaw buildings
[plan'35] = city plan - you can click on the chosen area and you get its magnification
[indeksy] = street index and other indexes
[rozmaitości] = miscellaneous information, like railways in Warsaw, photochrome collection, etc.
[źródła] = bibliography
[sąsiedzi] = links
[księga gości] = guest book

On the pages which follow:
[ulica] = street
[powiększ] = magnify (building details)
[budowa] = built
[istnieje] = exists
[nie istnienie] = doesn't exist

Ryszard Mączewski